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Flexible Tech Businesses: From Start-up to Househo

Big household names that have grown in the last decades have one thing in common. Well, actually, it’s more than just one thing, but this one is the core of their evolution. Besides being important businesses in the technology field, these companies had a successful pivot that helped launch their ideas and projects into stardom, “a structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy and engine of growth”, according to Eric Ries, the author “The Lean Startup” book. Apple, PayPal and Amstrad are great examples of big companies of the present that evolved thanks to a great pivot. While a lot of other names have failed, these three companies and some others have achieved worldwide success, mainly because they risked it all and decided to explore new markets. Find out more about these three brands, from the beginning of their journey to the present, in our latest infographic.
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