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Pantone Guide To Beaches (Infographic)

The Pantone company is best known for its Matching System, the standard language for accurate colour communication, and we have taken this system and matched it against some of the most outstanding beaches around the world. From the gentle Ibis Rose of Astwood Cove beach in Bermuda, to the Golden Glow of Manduria Beach in Italy, we have a range of colours to suit every mood. But if you can't decide which colour is right for you, why not try the truly unique Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia, which is made up of 74 different colours, so does not have a corresponding Pantone number. The beach gets its name from a combination of iron oxide and leached vegetable dyes causing an array of different sand hues. A more interesting explanation by Aboriginals is that a spirit in a form of a rainbow was fighting over a woman, and after falling onto the cliffs the spirit infused its sands with its colours.
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