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The Evolution of the M Series [Infographic]

BMW recently unveiled the first details about its M Series’ next generation of vehicles, the new luxury sport models M3 and M4. These will be the first cars equipped with the automaker's new and powerful twin-turbo engine. This propellant generates amazing power, making the new German vehicles faster and safer than previous models. Despite being more potent, the engine will significantly consume less fuel, when compared for instance with the engine fitted to the current-generation M3, assures the automaker. Also, one of BMW M’s high representatives, Freidrich Nitschke, said that the cars are being built according to several innovative techniques that make them lighter. So we guess it’s all good news for the future owners, who are celebrating with BMW the 35 years of its M Series. That’s right, the line founded in 1972 is now celebrating an important milestone with these new amazing models. Find out everything about them with the help of our latest infographic!
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