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Nato watch band

James Bond Watch Bands Resembling The Look Of Nato

It is a fact that no matter what timepiece you choose, your comfort depends on the watch strip. Moreover, a strip can change the look of a simple watch. And, one of the most preferred options in this case is the Nato Strap. However, with the use of James Bond Watch band, the popularity of Nato was gradually increased.


James Bond, a fictional character, was found to wear manly and sexy Rolex watches. Even, Rolex model 1016 was worn by Ian Fleming himself (James Bond’s creator). You have perhaps found the application of NATO Band Styled Watch Strap in the movie Goldfinger, where Honor Blackman became the foremost woman to make use of Rolex GMT, which was designed mainly for men. Again, in Casino Royale, P. Sellers used Rolex GMT Pepsi. In 1973, the uniquely designed Rolex Submariner was worn by James Bond.


In GoldenEye, another interesting thing is noticed with the introduction of the latest watch brand James Bond. Omega has manufactured two new James Bond timepieces in 2008 in Quantum of Solace. However, before that year, the use of Omega watches was seen in some other films like Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day and Casino Royale.


Thus, Nato Band styled watch strips have been used in many movies. 

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