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Rentersalarm infographic final

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

Rental housing has always been an option for people in all phases of life. In other words, it provides a broad choice of accommodation. What is more, rental houses are vital factor for each economy and property market. This infographic illustrates interesting facts regarding renting in USA and safety of renters. According to the infographic, less than 40% of U.S. households are renters these days. This large number of people are very like to be victims of property crimes. Furthermore, despite the huge amount of renter households it is estimated that the number of renters will increase in future. When it comes to safety matters, the official numbers are scary. More than 4000 homes are burglarized every day! Unfortunately, only  13% of burglaries are resolved by the police. What is more, you can see the top 10 U.S. states with the highest property crime rates. Read on this interesting infographic for more information related to the safety of renters in the USA.

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