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LPN Job Outlook, License Practical Nurse Job Outlook

The current lack of nurses is inevitably bad news for patients. On the other hand, such statistics benefit those interested in becoming employed in the health care field are in luck. It is not a secret that nursing jobs are in tremendous demand in the last years. The quickest way to be hired is to  get going to enroll in a program to help you become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). In numerous states LPN is known as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVNs). As for the foreseen demand for licensed practical nurses the following infographic illustrates a visual Licensed Practical Nurses job outlook.
The infographic illustrates the top 5 highest employment by state in USA. Among mentioned states are New York, Ohio, California and Florida. The estimated average LPN salary per year is around $43,000 as opposed to the lowest paid per year - $35,000. The statistics shows that less than 10% of the LPNs in USA are men.
Besides, this infographic provides data about the top 5 highest paying by state.

Infographic by LPN Job

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