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Travel Your Way to Your First Job

After school, many students take time out to go travelling around the world. Unfortunately, doing so can hamper your employability. So, what can you do if you really want to travel but also want to be employable once you return?In this piece, we’ll be giving potential travellers some top tips on how to convert each new experience you have whilst travelling, into something worth talking about in your C.V.For example, you actually pick up some essential skills whilst travelling that you may not even realise, such as planning, teamwork, adaptability etc, all of which are attractive to businesses.We’ll tell you how to place these in your C.V. as well as giving you some other tips on Volunteering and how to earn some cash as you travel from hostel to hostel.So what are waiting for? Read on and discover how you can “Travel Your Way To Your First Job”.


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