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The odds in spades

The Odds In Spades

Hello card game lovers! You are here, because at some point you wanted to know what are the odds of getting certain cards or how many cards you аre likely to get in the same suit in one deal. You need to know that, because you will have the power to gain more wins dependent not only on luck, but also on skills! I love people that play for the win and are devoted to make it happen!

So with this infographic I want to show you some of the probabilities of getting certain cards or combination of cards when playing a game of spades. I want to give you some useful tips that I hope will help you, while playing the spades card game VIP Spades.Тhe chance of getting ace of spades, 13 cards of spades, *Х* number of the same cards from each of the four suits, *Х* number of cards from the same suit the probability of getting a face card or non-face card.

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