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Roast chart

Coffee Roasting Chart Showing Flavor Profile and Roast Temps

Roasting guide for coffee beans, showing light roast, light city roast, Full city roast, French roast and Italian roast and the typical bean temperatures required to achieve them. The tasting notes highlight the typical flavor experiences of each roast level with different darknesses offering varying degrees of acidity to bitterness. Chocolate after tastes come with darker roasts, lighter roasts are far more complex and the acidity adds a mouthwatering sensation. Listening out for the first and second crack will really help you to get a feel for your equipment. The bean itself also varies the temperature with some beans burning quite quickly and others taking much longer to achieve a dark roast. Please note that different machines will achieve different temperatures and take longer, as a general rule of thumb the more beans you roast the hotter you’ll need to set your roaster, or you should extend the roast duration.

Source: Coffee revolution

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