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Labour party pledges 2017 infographic allriot

Labour Party's 10 Pledges to Transform Britain

Description: On June 8th, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn will contend with the Tories and to do so, requires an ambitious plan to tackle inequality, Brexit, and economic stagnation. Will the people stand for or against him, and can his blueprint for Britain prevail?

Labour’s ten pledges lay out the scope of the change we need to see in the UK: for full employment, minimum wage increases, ways to tackle the housing crisis, EU-standard security at work, money for the NHS and social care, a bold proposal to establish a National Education Service for all, commitment to tackling climate change, nationalisation and control of public services, a cut in inequality of income and wealth (financed by establishing a new tax bracket for top-earners), and a commitment to put diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution at the heart of Britain's foreign policy.

Some members of the British public, icluding past Labour voters, have met the highly ambitious plan with scepticism. They are concerned that Labour might struggle to realise these bold plans. Decide for yourself. Here's Labour's strategy in detail:

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