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2295   life coach to help you move past the challenges

Life Coach to Help You Move Past the Challenges that Stand in Your Way

Life coaches are professionals that provide the drive and guidance to their clients for the improvement of a career, relationship or life. They help their clients recognize their skills and dreams, refocus their life goals, and move past the challenges that stand in the way of the goals.

How does one work with a life coach? First, you will sit down with your life coach over the phone or in person. Sessions can range from 15 minutes to an hour. During that time, you can talk about what you want to accomplish. The coach can ask questions and together you will define the goals and challenges that may stand in the way of the goals. Both of you will outline the steps you need to achieve the goals. You may have homework/assignments and things to think about and do between coaching sessions to work towards the goal. You may be required to write a journal or create an action plan of the things you want to accomplish. The life coach will offer support and guidance along the way. You will work with a life coach for a period of a few months or even longer. The period depends on how you meet and what you hope to accomplish. Life coaches do not focus on changing certain behaviors but their challenge their client’s overall strengths and abilities.

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