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Rami jabali infographic

Amazing Statistics About Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics industry in Middle East is growing insanely as compared to the rest of the world. Following are some staggering facts about cosmetics market that may take you by surprise.  

  • The UAE cosmetics market is expected to reach 5.6Billion AED by 2018, and with the opening of Guniot Middle East center, it will touch 45Million $ BY 2020.
  • An average Kuwaiti women spends 70-106$ per month on cosmetics, whereas, an average women is US spends about 144$ on beauty products in year and in UK an average woman spends 13000$ on beauty products in whole life.
  • Hair care items lead the industry with 24%, followed by skin care and general cosmetics.
  • Skin protection is the biggest concern of women over 50 followed by young looks and looking healthy.
  • Olay leads the industry by $11.18 billion sales, followed by Avon $7.9 Billion, L’Oreal 7.7 Billion $, and Nivea $5.6 billion.
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