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Socialism infographic allriot left wing t shirts

Socialism Facts

Marxist-Leninism? Trotskyism? Left Communism? Anarcho-Communism? With so many denominations of socialism to choose from, one needs not to simply join the ‘Left’, but look to all directions. The debate over the future of a burgeoning worker’s movement gave birth to some of the most momentous changes for proletarian organisations in modern history. The First International, a groundbreaking meeting of global trade councils, labour unions, and philosophers, inaugurated the dawn of an organised, militant working class campaign. Their mis-sion was to answer the most pressing questions on how to construct a socialist economy, with various schools of thought—Proudhonism, Anarchism, Blanquism, and Marxism—competing for shaping the dominant proletariat ideology. Socialism, with its multifaceted approaches to building an egalitarian society, attempts to replace the old order of exploitation and serfdom with a new one in which everyone is fairly compensated for their labour and capitalist exploitation is made obsolete. This infographic gives the basics:

Source: left wing politics

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