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Flowmaster vs magnaflow1

Flowmaster Vs. Magnaflow

This is an infographic describing the difference between Flowmaster from that of Magnaflow. So which is the best exhaust system for your car? What is the best exhaust system for a car? Is it Magnaflow or Flowmaster? Whether you drive a car, a truck or a SUV, it is very likely that you will find a great exhaust system from both companies. For some, the choice between exhaust systems is all about the raw sound while others will choose based on brand loyalty. A comparison between the two companies will help consumers choose the exhaust system that is perfect for the vehicle.

Flowmaster was founded by Ray Flugger on 1983. The company has two locations totalling more than 400,000 square feet in Santa Rosa California and West Sacramento, California. On the other hand, Magnaflow was founded by Jerry Paolone on 1981. Facilities include 50,000 square foot headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, a 280,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Oceanside, a secondary 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ranch Santa Margarita and a 30,000 square foot research and development tech center; there is also a European headquarters in Rome. Both are manufactured in USA. The muffler design for Flowmasrer is chambered while Magnaflow is straight-through. Flowmaster offers lifetime limited warranty on all the stainless steel exhaust systems and mufflers. Magnaflow offers lifetime warranty on most of their performance exhaust products.

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