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Real estate online reviews

Why Online Reviews Are So Important In Real Estate

Today, modern home buyers use online resources like search engines and review sites to find new real estate companies. In fact, this is most likely how many of your most recent clients have found you. Not only are reviews critical, but also having a favorable review profile on search engines like Google is incredibly crucial to your bottom line - a staggering 51 percent of potential clients use search engines to find businesses like yours.

Once the sale has been completed, and they are giddy to move into their new home, ask for a review online. In most cases, their feedback will be favorable, which can be attractive to new clients. Frame the request as a request for feedback rather than a review; doing so will make it obvious that you're simply looking to improve the customer experience.

Once a review is received, share it with the larger online community via your social feed and on your page; this way, you can potentially use it to build leads. Also, ask your positive reviewers to share their experience on their feeds so that you can build your clientele via their friends.

As a real estate business, your company is bound to have some unsatisfied clients. Negative reviews aren't the end of the world, but you'll need to be savvy to mitigate their potential damage.

When they use the internet to voice their dissatisfaction, always acknowledge that there has been an issue; never contradict it. Additionally, don't forget to say you're sorry for the problem – this helps future clients realize that you're not dismissive and willing to improve.

Next, try to explain the situation so that readers understand the context of the issue. Finally, attempt to talk to the negative reviewer offline; you'll often be able to help them so that they can update their review with positivity.

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