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Are you starting an FBA? Here’s 5 Things you will Need.

When starting an FBA you will need a few things to get started. One of the most important things you will need is the Amazon Seller App to scan for items when doing your retail arbitrage, with this app you check prices just by scanning and gives you estimates for selling as a merchant. An app that does a slightly better job than the Amazon Seller App but costs $15 / month is the Profit Bandit App with its preset filters to give you the profit/loss for a specific item. is a very useful website for any Amazon FBA Seller with their price tracking for amazon products. When running an FBA your going to be printing a lot of labels so your going to need a reliable printer, if you want to save money the best printer you can buy is a laser printer because it wont smear the labels like ink jet printers do. A Scotty Peeler is a very useful tool for removing price tags from any item in your inventory a lot of the time your products will still have price tags and stickers on them and using your hands isn’t the most effective way.

Source: Sellers Playbook Review 5 Things

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