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Cerec crown technology

About CEREC Crown Technology (Infographic)

What Is A Crown? A cap that fits over your existing tooth to restore shape, size, and appearance. Why Would I Need A Crown? To protect a weakened tooth after a root canal To restore a broken or worn down tooth To improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth To support a tooth with a large filling What Is CEREC? Advanced technology for restoring damaged teeth A more natural looking solution for tooth-restorations Can be used to create a crown, in-lay or on-lay How Does CEREC Technology Work? CEREC uses a special camera to take an image of your tooth - No need for your dentist to take an impression. The image is converted into a 3d computerized model - Your dentist manipulates the model until it is just right for you The design of the new tooth is sent to special milling machine - The restoration is milled out of ceramic using diamond burs Your dentist will bond the restoration to your existing tooth - The whole process is efficient and can be completed in one visit Why Should You Choose CEREC? Time - CEREC crowns are created and placed in just one appointment - No need for a temporary crown while you wait for your restoration to be made Appearance - Tooth-colored ceramic matches your natural teeth creating more pleasing aesthetics Strength - CEREC milled ceramic is stronger than layered ceramic so it lasts a long time

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