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How to calculate freight rates

How to Calculate Freight Rates in LTL Shipping

Calculating freight  rates used to be a pain. You'd telephone a broker - and if you're lucky broker would pick up... Hours or days later - broker would back. See our new infographic what goes in freight rates calculation. You can now find the best rates online in a matter of seconds using technology, but it’s far from trivial.

The factors determining less than a truckload (LTL) freight rates in the U.S. and Canada  include Commodity, Size and Weight, Density Calculation, Freight Class, Location Type and Distance. See the infographic for more detail.

Remember, there are also differences between how freight shipping rates get calculated in the U.S. and Canada. It is more complicated in the U.S. where most carriers require shippers to indicate NMFC code and Class. NMFC code and Class are not used in Canada, where carriers use dimensional weight or skid-based rates. In the U.S.-Canada cross-border shipping, NMFC code and Class requirements are typically required depending on the carrier.

Source: Instant LTL Freight Quotes

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