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Article self driving car infographic

Important Facts about Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars, autonomous vehicle or unmanned ground vehicle is a vehicle that has the capability to sense its environment and navigate without human input. A variety of techniques are used to sense surroundings from radars to laser lights, GPS, odometry or computer vision. The control systems are rather advanced to interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths including obstacles and relevant signage.

In a recent Northeastern University Gallup survey, 54% of the respondents are unlikely to use fully self driving cars when they arrive on the roads. Everquote study shows that 33% of drivers believe self autonomous driving technology such as automated park assist, self driving auto pilot and lane departure sensors would make them safe drivers. According to a poll by Erie Insurance, 16% of drivers think autonomous vehicles will eliminate the need for car insurance. Now according to Pew research center, 56% of US adults do not want to ride in a driverless vehicle if given the opportunity. ARM survey of 4,000 consumers reported that 55% of consumers could trust an autonomous car today if the safety record is proven to be better than a human driven vehicle. 91% was the overall satisfaction rate of users of Dubai’s Smart Autonomous Vehicle following 2 months of testing in the city’s Business Bay district

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