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Online Gambling in the UK - NeonSlots

Gambling in the UK is legal. The gross gambling yield (GGY) exceeds 13 billion GBP annually. The total gambling yield from the online market is 4.7 GBP, which is 33% of the gross gambling yield.


According to the data from the UK Gambling Commission, there are 11,143 gambling premises, 152 casinos, 649 bingo halls, 8,532 bookmakers and 183,928 gaming machines in the UK. The total number of employees in the gambling industry that work in the UK is 106,366. Casinos or other premises that want to have gambling games, need to apply for a premises licence from the licensing authorites. They issue permits for low stakes gambling, register societies so they can hold small lotteries and ensure compliance of the Gambling Act 2005 in their locality. 


Online gambling occupies 34% of the entire gambling market in the UK. You can play online casino games for free at The overall profit for the fiscal year of 2016/2017 was 4.7 billion GBP. This is the largest sector of the market, all of the rest bring lower profits. For example, the National Lottery has the second place - its profit was 3 billion GBP. The structure of profits from online gambling is as follows:

  • Casino games - 2.6 billion GBP
  • Betting - 1.7 billion GBP
  • Betting exchange - 130 million GBP
  • Bingo - 162 million GBP
  • Pools betting - 32 million GBP

The UK is known for its reliable and honest online casinos, many of which provide their services worldwide.

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