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Mobile apps during covid 50

The Rise Of Mobile Apps During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has confined a big part of the population indoors. This has had a direct impact on mobile app usage trends, especially among on-demand mobile apps.

People are using mobile apps for various purposes. People who work from home use mobile apps for video conferencing and communicating. Students use mobile apps to attend online classes. People watch more entertainment through streaming services and play games. On-demand mobile apps are used to order food, groceries, vegetables, medicines, and an array of other items that can be safely left at the doorstep. If before the pandemic the use of mobile apps was an option for many, now it has become a necessity.

In the infographic below, we have compiled revealing trends on how the use of mobile apps has not just increased in numbers, but also in terms of the influence that they wield in people’s day-to-day lives, across devices and mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

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