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Effects of covid19 on online gambling translated

Die Auswirkungen von Covid-19 auf die

Online gambling and betting are generally known as internet gambling on different games that include casino or sports over the internet, poker, bingo, lotteries, roulette, slots and keno. For the past 8 to 10 years, online gambling grew in popularity because of the easy availability of these games on the internet and the temptation of easy money. 

Covid-19 has a positive impact on online gambling and sports betting industry. In response to the closure of gambling establishments, several operators have gone online. Migration to online gambling has resulted into an increase in revenue particularly in poker and online casinos. In the UK, many gamblers have switched to online casinos which boosted the user base of popular gambling websites. Major revenues during the pandemic have come from online gambling because gamblers are trying to find new ways to have fun and entertainment on the internet. Players who were already engaged in gambling diversified their gambling activities, gambled longer per session and spent more money on gambling. 

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