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Schweizer online gluecksspiel welt

Ein kurzer Einblick in die Schweizer Online Glücksspiel Welt

Gambling of any kind was officially banned in Switzerland. Federal Law on Games of Chance and Casinos was amended to allow unlimited stakes gambling in Swiss casinos. January 1, 2019 is an important date for gambling fans. The Swiss government passed a new law authorizing certain online casinos to offer digital versions of slot machines, table games and other fun games. New gaming law came into force in Switzerland. Now the online casino is legal in Switzerland. To date, there are 19 casinos located in Switzerland. 

Attraction to the new activity of gambling became immediate with one-fifth of Switzerland’s citizens classified as frequent gamblers and more than one-half of the population regularly playing the lottery. Of all casino games, poker is the most prevalent among players in Switzerland.  The annual Swiss Open Poker Championship has been running since 2006 and is held at the end of September usually in the Grand Casino Bern or Gran Casino Baden. This event attracts not only the best Swiss players but top talent from all over Europe.

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